Happy Thanksgiving … Gobble Gobble!

We are busy getting everything ready in order to head south again.

Our summer really went fast which is probably because we were so incredibly busy!  Our plan was to spend our first month this spring at our daughter’s house, living in Maxx in the driveway, catching up with family, grandkids and friend and then spend the rest of the summer travelling around BC.  Well you know what they say about best laid plans:-)  Yup, that wasn’t how it went … other than a few trips to Alberta and a few BC camping trips, for reasons I won’t go into, our whole seven months was spent in the driveway. But all in all that’s not necessarily a bad thing, we were able to spend a lot of time with our grandchildren, hubby and our son-in-law where able to get the basement reno’s done on their house, and probably even more amazing, they haven’t told us to get out of the driveway … and they still invite us in for Sunday dinner every week!  I should explain that we try very hard not to intrude on their lives and to answer the question my daughter and I get asked the most, no we do not go into the house to eat our meals or use the bathroom. We are fully contained in Maxx and live in it like a house. If we go over to our daughter’s place we knock on the door and wait to be invited in and when they come to our house they do the same and I do love it when little people knock on my door and ask “Watcha doing grandma”:-)

As we headed into our last week before we go south we flew to Edmonton for Thanksgiving weekend with our two sons’, wife and soon to be wife, and grandson, unfortunately our daughter and family could not make the trip this year. We have had a fun weekend so far … a trip to the West Edmonton Mall, a visit to the IMAX theater and today a lazy morning which for me involved the one thing I really miss about living in an RV full time … A BUBBLE BATH!


Okay maybe there wasn’t a rubber ducky in the tub but thanks to our soon to be daughter-in-law (who knew a bath was on my wish list for the weekend) my bath did include bubbles and a new fluffy oversized bath towel, and thanks to our son, a mimosa … yup I’m a happy lady right now:-) Tonight our oldest son, his wife, and our grandson will join us for Thanksgiving dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, stay tune for on going updates as we head out for another winter in warmer weather.

Until next time …

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