Big Valley Jamboree – Thursday

Fortunately we arrived in Camrose, Alberta early on Thursday and we were able to get to the ranch before all the other RV’s arrived. Our friend’s ranch is very close to the Jamboree site, which for us is very lucky … a little more on that later in this blog. We arrived and got set up in the front yard where we where afforded an awesome view, and electricity 🙂

Once we were set up we had a little visit and then headed off to the Jamboree site to watch the bull riding and later that evening we headed back to watch the entertainment. On our trip back to the Jamboree site that evening we realized how lucky we were to get to the ranch early because there was a three to four kilometer line-up of RV’s trying to check in!

RV’s lined up waiting to make the turn onto the road leading to the campground … thank goodness we arrived early enough so that we didn’t get caught in this line-up!

These RV’s are not even close to the entrance to the campground!

And this is where we could have been parked … yup the ranch is a much nicer location … and the company is great! Plus our friends have a parking pass that allows them access to parking right at the entrance to the site; the people in this area have a bit of a walk to the site.

 Until next time …

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