Big Valley Jamboree – Saturday

My access to Internet has been limited over the last few days so today I am posting three blogs … I hope you enjoy reading about our time at Big Valley Jamboree as much as we have enjoyed being here 🙂

Early this morning we had a rainstorm along with a lot of lightning but it stopped in time for us to head to the paddock, load the bulls and head out to deliver them to the Bulls for Breakfast event.

The drive in this morning was pretty but the sky looked a little stormy.

Do you like how I made it sound like I personally loaded the bulls and delivered them to the site? Actually my sole involvement over the last few days has been to take pictures and ride in the passenger seat of the semi … sounds fair to me, I don’t want to get to close to those bulls!

Does this jackrabbit look scared? He should, he ran out into the arena just before they released the bull … not the brightest rabbit but he was smart enough to make scarce just before the gate to the chute opened.


Tonight we are lucky enough to have tickets for dinner in the VIP tent again and then we will attend concerts by the Oakridge Boys, Darius Rucker, and the Zac Brown Band. It should be a great evening!

Until next time …

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