Big Valley Jamboree – Friday

We started the day off on the ranch watching the bulls being loaded into the semi for their trip to the Jamboree and Bulls for Breakfast. Our friends ranch houses the bulls for the weekend and he transports them back and forth everyday. Now one of the items on my bucket list has always been to ride in a semi so this seemed like a great time to cross this item off 🙂

hmm good morning … whatever you say, you’re the boss 🙂

My semi ride to the Jamboree site

It was really fun watching the bulls being loaded at the ranch and then unloaded at the Jamboree site, and finishing the morning off watching the event, Bulls for Breakfast. There were some great riders and it was very entertaining.

After an afternoon of visiting, and napping, back at the ranch we headed back to the Jamboree site for a free dinner in the VIP tent and a great concert by Dean Brody.

Dean Brody … great concert!

 The evening ended with a beautiful sunset and a visit around the fire 🙂

Until next time …

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