RV Maintenance Day

We had a short drive from Edmonton to Wetaskwin, Alberta, under an hour, and arrived just after noon. Our plan was to stay at the Wetaskwin Lions Club RV Park but the directions on the web site did not provide enough information to entered the location into our GPS so as we drove into town we were watching for signs. The entrance to Wetaskwin from the north is very pretty and the water tower reminded us of most of the towns in the US that we drove through last winter.

We realized our idea of watching for signs to the RV Park wasn’t working when we ran out of town so we turned around and headed to the WiFi store (McDonalds) to check the web site again. With sort of directions in hand we carried on and quickly saw a sign indicating a right turn would take us to the park (we are both positive there were no signs when we approached from the north). Anyway we made the turn and headed down the road where signs continued to indicate we were on the right path but all of the sudden a signed showed the park was on the left but the only road on the left was a very short, very narrow, quickly ending dirt path, good thing hubby didn’t turn down there! So we carried on and turned left at the next road, which was about .5k from the sign, thinking this must be the way to go, but alas we still could not find the park. At this point we had run back into Alberta 13 so we figured we would head back into Wetaskwin and try one more time to find the park … but wait … shortly after we made the turn the RV park appeared! Now was it worth the hassle you may be thinking? Yes it was, we were able to get a site with 30 amp power which meant we could run the air-conditioning at night, so we were happy campers 🙂

Once we were settled in we took another trip into town to an RV dealer for some items hubby needed to do routine maintenance on our bedroom slide, and then the afternoon was spent giving Maxx the attention he deserved 🙂

Until next time …

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