Yipee! A New Camera Lens☺

Yesterday hubby bought me a new camera lens. This lens is a 16mm to 300mm, which means I can mainly use one lens rather than switching back and forth between two lenses. This is very exciting because often I would only have one lens with me and of course I would really need the other lens. And as an added bonus we stopped at the West Edmonton Mall to go to the camera store and once we had purchased the lens hubby suggested we walk around the mall … he never does that, but this time he did get off easy as I only made one purchase.

After shopping we met up with our two sons and their fiancés for dinner and noticed a Wal-Mart very close to the restaurant where we were meeting. Since we were a few hours early we thought we might move Maxx to this Wal-Mart and walk to and from dinner, but here is my lesson of the day for you … always check with customer service before assuming you can park in a lot for the night. There were many units set up for the night, one fifth wheel was definitely in for the night with their mat and awning out as well as the generator hooked up behind their unit and two dog pens set up … hmm I’m not sure that is what Wal-Mart had in mind for an overnight stop! Anyway, when we checked with customer service they advised that Wal-Mart had no problem with overnight RV’s but there is a bylaw preventing overnight camping so there was a good chance we would end up with a ticket! So on that note we decided to stay at the Wal-Mart on Stony Plain Road which has signs posted saying parking for 24 hours was permitted (and customer service confirmed this) … don’t assume just because other units are there!

Last nights stay at camp Wal-Mart was our cheapest stay yet, as much as I tried I didn’t spend a cent … usually it costs around a $100.00 a night 🙂

On our way to Edmonton from Pigeon Lake we drove through farmland with the canola fields in bloom. The prairie region of Canada is always very scenic but even more so when the fields are in bloom. Hopefully before we leave I will be able to share a picture of the flax fields.

Canola Fields

Today we are headed to Wetaskwin for the night and then tomorrow we will head to Camrose for the Big Valley Jamboree.

Until next time …

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