A Fun … But Wet Weekend☺

We enjoyed our time at Pigeon Lake with our son and his fiancé but the first two days were incredibly wet. Saturday morning saw hubby using my blow dyer to try and dry out his runners, it sure is nice to camp with modern conveniences!

Aside from the rain we all had fun and because of the cooler weather we were able to spend lots of time sitting around the campfire visiting and discussing wedding plans 🙂

When we sat down at the table in our son’s campsite Saturday morning we were greeted by this scene

Hubby and I used the picnic table to put the tarp up the day before and these soldiers where not there so somebody must have put them on the table after we set up the tarp and before the kids arrived. I thought it was ironic that they chose to put it on the table of a military person (our son has just recently left the military after 14 years and two tours in Afghanistan), however my son did remind me that Edmonton is a military town and the campsite is only an hour from Edmonton so the chances were pretty good that the person coming into the site would be military … I guess he has a point, but I still though it was pretty funny 🙂 And the soldiers stayed in position all weekend!

Until next time …


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