Pigeon Lake Provincial Park, Alberta

We woke up to 50 km an hour winds, heavy rain and branches breaking off the trees surrounding our site:-( This weather is unfortunate because today we are meeting up with our youngest son and his fiancé for a weekend of camping at Pigeon Lake Provincial Park about an hour south of Edmonton. Oh and of course our grand puppy Jack will also be joining us. Jack is a chocolate lab and at a year old he is a big puppy! I am a little worried about hurting our sons feelings since I have a gift for Jack but nothing for our son … do you think he will feel left out, nah I’m sure he will get over it:-)

Do you remember in yesterday’s blog I said I felt sorry for those poor people camping in tents? Well guess what our son will be camping in … yup they are in a tent, so before leaving Red Deer hubby made a stop to pick up a big tarp in the hopes that the wind will die down and we will be able to get it up before the kids arrive.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my grand puppy, but I also love Maxx and the thought of a big wet dog running around inside Maxx doesn’t appeal very much so I am really praying the rain, or at least the winds, will stop!

On our way out of town we filled up with diesel at $118.9 per litre. If only it were that cheap at home; we paid a $131.9 before we left.

I probably won’t post until next week because I won’t have internet but hopefully I will have some fun stories to tell and some great pictures and that they won’t be of wind torn trees!

And for those of you keeping track … we are back on schedule with our maximum driving times, today’s drive is only an hour and a half … well maybe longer because its hard to keep Maxx on the road in this wind.

Until next time …


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