Over The Mountains We Go!

After meeting with our weekly coffee group this morning we headed home, hooked up to Maxx and hit the road. Our ultimate destination is Camrose, Alberta to meet up with friends and visit the Big Valley Jamboree, but more on that in the days to come.

Tonight our plan is to stay at the municipal campground in Golden, B.C. which is a four and a half hour drive … that’s an hour and a half over our ideal daily traveling time but that’s okay. Since we hit the road last year we have become a little lazy when it comes to driving and try to limit each day to no more than three hours but sometimes you have to exert yourself a little 🙂

We started out with a nice drive, light traffic and some great scenery.

Oyama, B.C. – Woods Lake on right, start of Kalamalka Lake on left

And then an hour into our drive the rain started, and then the thunder and lightning came. I’m pretty sure this is how our last three trips out to Alberta have started and ended 😦 Although the scenery was still pretty …


But an hour after the storm started it was over and the sun came out for the rest of our drive through the majestic Selkirk mountains:-)


We arrived at the municipal RV Park in Golden at 5:30 (we lost an hour to the time change) and were very surprised at how big, and nice, the park was. I had checked out this park a few years ago when I was in Golden on business but I only saw the first 25 spots along the road, there are another 50 sites tucked in the woods which are very similar to provincial park campsites.

Maxx tucked in for the night.

Now we are off for a walk around town.

 Until next time …


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