A Long Weekend in BC’s Manning Park

After a nice leisurely morning on Friday we left Princeton and headed to Lightning Lake in Manning Park. While we have driven through the park many times I have never camped there so I’m looking forward to this new adventure.

Hubby and I arrived and set up in one half of a very nice double site; it was a little tight getting into our space but not as bad as some Provincial Parks. Shortly after my cousin and her hubby arrived and the visiting began 🙂

Spruce, pine, and fir trees along with many dogwood plants, which are B.C.’S provincial flower, surround our sites.

Dogwood Plant, British Columbia’s provincial flower.

On Saturday we drove up to the Manning Park Look-out, which has a beautiful view but it was slightly marred by the haze from a forest fire.

Lightning Lake which you can see on the upper right side of the picture is where we were camped.

Hubby had a nice visit with a Cascade Golden-Mantled Ground Squirrel.

We also visited with a few birds.

A Clark Nutcracker

A Raven who did a lot of cawing, we think because I wasn’t taking pictures of him but as soon as I did he stopped all the racket 🙂

After our visit to the viewpoint we continued another 8km up the road, which turns to gravel, is very narrow, full of switchbacks, and a lot of washboard, up to the Alpine Meadows … well worth a slow drive on a bad road 🙂 And an added bonus is there is cell coverage up there which gave us a chance to check on a sick family member.

The meadows are full of pretty flowers, I can’t tell you what variety they are but I will share their beauty!



Indian Paintbrush … I do know this one 🙂

After our phone calls we headed out for a hike through the meadows, I would recommend this location to anyone who loves the beauty of the great outdoors … we will be back 🙂


Sunday afternoon was spent at the beach at Lightning Lake. The lake was cold but it was hot out so it was a welcome cool off!

And then all to soon Monday came and cousin and her hubby returned to the coast for work and hubby and I headed to Princeton and Old Hedley Road to look for a campsite on the river.

Until next time …


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