On The Road Again☺

We have had a very busy month so we were both looking forward to this trip. Tomorrow we are meeting up with my cousin and her husband at Lightning Lake in Manning Park but tonight we decided to spend the night at the municipal campground in Princeton, B.C. The weather forecast is for very warm (38C or 100F) and sunny days for the foreseeable future, which is typical summer weather were we live 🙂

A few years ago Roger’s started providing home phone service to their cellular customers for $9.95 a month, which includes free long distance anywhere in Canada and you can keep your old phone number. Since the service uses cell towers we were able to move our home line into the RV when we sold our house. Today we decided to put it in the truck and see how it worked while we were traveling, and guess what … it works great! Along with putting the home phone in the truck I also had to put my crystal vase and flowers in the truck because of course I couldn’t leave them in the RV and I certainly wasn’t going to throw them out and doesn’t everyone travel with fresh flowers in their vehicle??

After we checked in to our RV Park we took a drive out to Otter Lake Provincial Park where we are to meet up with our daughter and her family on Monday. We wanted to go out without the trailer to make sure the sites where big enough for us and it turned out to be a good idea. While it is a very pretty drive the road is narrow and windy and the campground has very small spots with very tight turning areas so it will be a no go for us 😦 But it is a very nice provincial park and we enjoyed walking around.

I haven’t seen buttercups for years!

The drive to Otter Lake takes you through Coalmont, B.C. and Tulameen, B.C. which was fun because I remember going out there with my parents and my sister probably forty-five years ago. On the way back we stopped in at the Coalmont Hotel for a drink at the pub. When I came through Coalmont as a kid my parents stopped at the same hotel for a drink and they arranged for my sister and I to have a meal in a small room in the hotel. Now even back then there was no restaurant running in the hotel so the owner made us a special meal of porcupine balls and some other stuff I don’t remember, but I do remember we didn’t like the porcupine balls so we threw them out the windows!

Do you see the window sis?

Inside the pub.

According to the owner of the hotel the population of Coalmont is less than 70, but it is a pretty little town.

This one’s for you dad, I know you would have loved this story!

Until next time …


One thought on “On The Road Again☺

  1. I never knew it was the Coalmont Hotel, I always thought that happened in Revelstoke! But I sure do remember those awful porcupine balls! I still feel bad about wasting his food but it WAS pretty bad. Dad would love knowing you visited and remembered 🙂


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