A Visit to the Flatlands

We spent a nice Easter weekend with our daughter and oldest son’s families, my sister’s family, and my dad. It was great to have a big family dinner again as we have really missed those times but someone was missing, so we headed off to Edmonton to spend some time with our youngest son and his fiancé.

Other than a little wet snow the trip out to Edmonton was good and it was great to hit Alberta and see some sun for the second time since arrived back in Canada!

We spent three days touring around Edmonton during the day and enjoying visits with the kids in the evenings. The weather was warm and sunny until yesterday when we had heavy rains but this morning the sun was shining again and the roads were dry.

We stopped in Canmore, Alberta for lunch and saw this site, which brought back memories of our childhood☺

Does anyone remember Adam 12 🙂

Just as we passed back into BC the sky clouded over and the rain started☹ But once we passed through the North Okanagan the clouds cleared, the sun came out, and the rain stopped!

Until next time …


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