An Awesome Winter!

Our trip home yesterday was great; we were a little worried about hitting snow on the Coquihalla or the Connector but the only snow we saw was on the sides of the highway.

We hit wet roads from Langley to just north of Hope …

But after that the roads were dry and the skies cleared …

And then the snow disappeared …

And finally we got our first view of Okanagan Lake☺

And eventually we pulled into our daughter’s driveway and were welcomed by very happy and excited grandchildren and this sign on the door courtesy of our granddaughter!

Well our first snowbird adventure has come to an end and we both enjoyed it immensely but it sure is nice to be home!

Over the five months (137 days) we were away:

• we covered 14,093 miles (22,680 km);

• spent $5,041.40 in fuel and $3,703.34 for RV Parks;

• averaged 12.74 miles to the gallon;

• spent $236.61 on oil changes and routine maintenance to the truck and Maxx;

• spent $49.50 in road tolls (mostly in Florida and a few in Houston)

• cell phone and internet cost us $685.19;

• hubby cleared just over $1,000 in winnings between Vegas and his latest win in Fort Langley;

• I took well over 3,000 pictures and saved only 864! Still friends and family that is 864 pictures you may be forced to sit down and watch☺;

• and the most important fact of all …. Hubby and I have survived in a 400 square foot home on wheels and are still speaking to each other!!

I won’t be posting a daily blog again until we hit the road next fall but I will post throughout the summer whenever we hit the road for trips around B.C., so stay tuned☺

Until next time …

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