A Visit to Steveston, B.C.

Today hubby and I had lunch with his mom, made a visit to Ikea, and then spent some time driving around Richmond where I grew up before heading to Steveston to meet up with my cousin and her husband.

I wanted to go and visit the daffodil farms at the end of Westminister Highway because the daffodil’s are in bloom now, but as I suspected the fields have given away to new subdivisions 🙂  When my sister, and I were young we lived along the ocean in Richmond and spent many hours walking and riding up and down the dike between the daffodil farms and Steveston so it was disappointing, but of course expected, seeing all the growth in the area. Even though the daffodil’s were gone there were tons of geese grazing in the fields along the dike as well as the dike itself.

They were so used to humans that the man in picture below walked through them and they didn’t even budge!

Steveston has also changed a lot over the years … gone are the corner stores full of penny candies and the fish stores. Now the area is full of condos, tourist shops and restaurants, but at least the fishing boats are still there.

And best of all the restaurant were we are having dinner has a great view of the marina and free Wi-fi so I was able to post this blog☺

View from the restaurant window 🙂


Until next time …

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