Welcome Back to Canada!

I guess Canada was happy to have us back because hubby and I went to the Fort Langley Pub for dinner last night and played the BC Lotto Pacific Holdem and won $372.00! We used to play it occasionally when we went out for dinner so we thought this would be a fitting welcome back to Canada, and it was! Of course it helped that hubby accidently spilt his beer (and yes it was his first☺) and the server gave him a new one. Up until then we won $6.00 so we reinvested that money to kill time while he finished his beer … and we won $372.00!

We have wondered what has changed at home since we have been gone and with our big win yesterday we discovered that Canada has release new $10 and $5 dollar bills.

Today we had a great lunch and visit with hubby’s mom and one of his brothers and sister-in-law and now we are headed over to his other brother and sister-in-law’s for dinner … it sure is nice to be back with family!

Until next time …

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