Vancouver 158 Miles Ahead!

It was so exciting to see that road sign, we are getting closer to home☺ Our plan was to stay in Anacortes, Washington tonight and cross back into Canada tomorrow but once we saw Vancouver on the road sign we both knew we wanted to cross over tonight. We made a stop in a Costco parking lot and pulled out our passports, Canadian money and credit cards and headed for the border at Lynden. There was no wait and we were through in less than two minutes!

The only questions we were asked where:

• Where do you live?

• How long were you away? And when hubby said five months she asked with some surprise in her voice “And you haven’t been back at all”?

• Total value of goods brought back?

• Any alcohol?

• Any repairs to the truck or trailer? To which hubby advised we had an oil change and some warranty work done on both.

And then she told us to have a good day and we were on our way! Wow, way to easy☺

We are now camped at Fort Camping at Brae Island Regional Park in Fort Langley. We plan to spend some time visiting with hubby’s family and my cousin before we head back to the Okanagan to get all those warm squeezy hugs from the little people waiting for us!

Until next time …


One thought on “Vancouver 158 Miles Ahead!

  1. Welcome back to the Homeland! Looking forward to seeing you both once you’ve settled, to hear about all your adventures & experiences.

    Until then, take care, drive save, and stay warm!!


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