A Trip To The Mother Ship☺

Well our plan to make some big purchases in Oregon to save the sales tax did not really work out☹ Aside from the fact that we couldn’t find some of the things we were looking for, it turns out that while Oregon doesn’t have sales tax they do increase the price of the product to match what you pay in other states with sales tax. At least that was the case with the items we were looking for.

Today Maxx went back to the Mother Ship (the Forest River Factory in Dallas, Oregon) to get some warranty work completed (a chair, a blind, and the TV were replaced and a few other minor items were attended to). About six weeks ago we started having a problem with one of the front stabilizer jacks, it wouldn’t go down during the auto level process but we forgot to mention this to Forest River when we arranged the other servicing. Today when we took Maxx in we mentioned it and they quickly went to work to try and fix it but it turned out they needed a part that they didn’t have it site. It appeared we would have to wait until we were back home and have our local dealer order the part in and then we would have to take Maxx up to the dealer to have the part installed. Unbeknownst to us, Aaron at Forest River was working behind the scenes to try and find a better solution for us, and he did … once all the other work was done on Maxx they sent us over to the Lippert factory, who prepare the frames and leveling systems for Forest River RV’s before they are sent over to the main factory for the rest of the build. After a 20-mile drive the stabilizer was quickly replaced and we were on our way … and not a cent out of pocket!

Hubby has been dealing with Jodi at the factory for the last few months making all the arrangements for our arrival and it was great to finally meet her. We honestly can’t say enough about the service we received and how friendly and accommodating everyone we dealt with was, they all went above and beyond! Jodi even gave us a tour of the factory and it was interesting watching a trailer being built from start to finish. We were able to see some of the new layouts and I was happy that I didn’t see anything I liked as much as Maxx, although this years model comes with LED lights which I wish we had because it is very expensive to replace the old lights with LED … but seriously that was the only thing I wish we had that we don’t! The new models also have a nice LED rope light under the awning and an LED outside light and Jodi did try and get those added to our RV but the holes and wiring just didn’t line up, but wow thanks for trying!

Since Maxx was done earlier than we thought we decided to hit the road and head north and we have now settled down for the night at a city owned RV Park in Chehalis, Washington after effortlessly auto leveling Maxx☺. The park is nice with full-service and only $15.00 a night. The blinds are all open, the new chair is holding hubby comfortably and the TV sound is much better without the static! Life is good☺

Until next time …


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