Polk County Fairgrounds

Several months ago we made arrangements with Forest River to stop at their factory in Dallas, Oregon to have some warranty work done on Maxx. One of his chairs has broken arms and needs to be replaced, a cord on one of the small blinds frayed and we can no longer open that blind, and the TV has static which is very annoying. Our warranty rep, Jodie, was fantastic and she now has everything ready for us to pull into the factory tomorrow and get fixed up.

Since we want an early start in the morning we tried to find an RV Park close to the factory and the only one we could come up with was the Polk County Fairgrounds. For $17.00 a night we are in basically a gravel parking lot but we do have power and water (there is also a dump station but no septic at your site) and we are parked along the fields at the back so the view is beautiful … and since it is not an event weekend there are hardly any other units here so we have lots of space.

View from Maxx’s front window.

Even though it is drizzling outside hubby is out washing all of the Yuma dust off Maxx’s roof, so he will be a happy camper today☺

Maxx at Polk County Fairgrounds – with all the dust washed of 🙂

After lunch we plan to head into Salem, which is only 15 minutes away, and pick up a few things that we have been putting on hold until we arrive in a state with no sales tax.

Until next time …


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