Hmm .. Not That RV Park

We headed out this morning under clear blue skies but with a bit of a chill in the air.  Yesterday a worker at the RV Park was telling us that Lake Shasta is at the lowest point ever and when we drove by it sure seemed that way!

Not a bad pic considering I stuck the camera out the window of the truck and blindly took the picture!

So of course I had to check this out on Google and I found out that while the lake is currently 130 feet lower than normal, in 1977 it was 230 feet lower than normal!  This is however is the lowest the lake has been since 2008.  California really is having a water shortage:-(

The trip through Northern California was really pretty, with snow on the mountains and plants blooming on the side of the interstate.

We arrived in Medford, Oregon just before noon already to check into our RV Park, have some lunch, and then head out for our tax free shopping trip … but one look at the RV Park and we carried on!  We then pulled into the parking lot of a business that was closed so that we could use the washroom in Maxx and check for other RV Parks but a security guard came along and told us to move on … I’m really not sure what harm we were doing and he was very rude but it is private property so we moved on.

Since the security guard and the RV Park marred our first impression of Medford, Oregon we decided to head further north.  The weather had turned to rain so it seemed like a good idea to spend today driving and set ourselves up for a short drive into Dallas, Oregon tomorrow.  We have to be at Forest River in Dallas, Oregon early Monday morning for some warranty work on Maxx so the plan now is to arrive early tomorrow and do our shopping in Salem, Oregon, which is very close to Dallas.  With that thought in mind we headed to Camp Wal-Mart in Lebanon, Oregon where we are settled in for a nice evening and a good nights sleep.

Until next time …

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