Ahh Nuts!

Today we drove from Ventura, California to Lamoore, California with a stop in Bakersfield. Other than having to lock up all the brakes on the truck and trailer because some idiot decided to cut in front of us just as the light turned red, it was any easy trip.

Along the way we passed many farms full of trees but we weren’t sure what they were. This has happened to us many times over the course of our travels and I keep telling hubby that I wished farmers would put up signs so we knew what they were growing. Well along Highway 99 outside of Bakersfield a really nice farmer did that for me!

We passed fields of pistachio and almond trees with fields of grapes mixed in.

The pistachio trees are just getting their leaves

The almond trees are covered in almonds already.

Here is a close up so that you can see the almonds☺

Our destination tonight was the Tachi Casino in Lamoore because we can dry camp here for free, which sounded good since we are only here overnight. We were very surprised as the size of the Casino … we could see it for miles because it is a huge structure surrounded by nothing but farms! The town of Lamoore is five miles away and it is a small town but the casino is very classy and has a four star hotel, with restaurants and spa’s attached … a pretty impressive place and worth a visit.

Until next time …


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