From the Atlantic to the Pacific

When we woke up this morning there was fresh snow on the mountains surrounding Palm Springs and it was cold out:-(  We had to put pants on for the first time in two months and I suspect we won’t get back into shorts until summer comes to the Okanagan.

Fresh snow on the mountains 🙂

On our way out to the interstate we drove through a large wind farm.

Wind farms supply 5% of California’s electrical needs.

 We also drove through a few solar farms.

Just before noon we got our first peak at the Pacific Ocean:-)  It has been a fun four months travelling to the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, and now back to the Pacific Ocean.  Having spent my early years in a house that backed onto the Pacific Ocean it definitely felt a little bit like home.  We are spending the night in Ventura, California at the Ventura Beach RV Resort.  Don’t be fooled by the name or how the write-ups make the park sound, it is not right on the beach, the beach is a ten-minute walk … but you are not totally without interesting sights to see … the park does back onto the Ventura Freeway so you can watch the traffic and listen to the noise!  We were able to get the Passport America rate so we only paid $30.00 a night instead of $60.00 a night and since this is the only RV Park in Ventura we can live with the noise for one night.  The park is also within walking distance of downtown Ventura which has lots of quaint little shops so there is lot’s to do in the area.

Our reason for coming to Ventura was so that hubby could pick up some solar panels for Maxx.  After many hours of research he determined that Windy Nation was the best place to make this purchase and they really worked hard to give him a good deal.  We ended up getting two solar panels for a quarter of the price we paid for one solar panel on our old fifth wheel so hubby was very happy:-)

After our big purchase we went for a walk along the beach … it was a little cold and windy but it was still a great walk.

Those are my footprints barely visible in the sand … the water wasn’t as cold as I expected but not nearly as warm as the Atlantic Ocean!

I know many people think Seagulls are annoying pests but I think they are very pretty!

Until next time …


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