Palm Springs

When we made our way to the RV Park yesterday we drove past many wind farms and given the amount of wind we have had since we arrived … it’s constant and strong … the wind farms are well located!

A part of a small wind farm

After settling into the park, filling the truck up with fuel, and picking up a few groceries we headed downtown for dinner.  The main street of downtown Palm Springs is at the base of the San Jacinto Mountains, which really adds to the beauty!  As we wandered the main street we came across a famous actress!

It turns out we were lucky to see this Marilyn Monroe statue because it’s being dismantled today and shipped to New Jersey.

There were many choices for dinner but we finally decided on the patio of Ruby’s Diner, an old fashion hamburger place.  We were seated along the sidewalk and really enjoyed watching all the people and activities on the street.  After dinner we wandered around some more and then the wind started up so we headed back to Maxx.  On the drive back we passed more wind farms and then all of the sudden we found ourselves in a serious sand storm!  Hubby had a hard time keeping the truck on the road and it was next to impossible to see because of all the sand but fortunately it only lasted a minute and then we were through it.

It is a real shame that the RV spaces in this park are so small and open because the rest of the park is well kept and very pretty.  We had hoped that Caliente Springs RV Park would be a good place to spend the month of March next year but the monthly rate is $775.00 a month plus electricity and that seems pricey for the small space you get.  Also if the park were full you would be on top of your neighbours!

The pool is really nice and we enjoyed spending the afternoon there!

Until next time …

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