Back on the Road☺

After two awesome, warm and sunny months in Yuma we are back on the road again. We really enjoyed our time in Yuma especially after the snow and cold weather we had once we left southern Florida but we are both looking forward to heading home. We will be back in Yuma in our same spot, with our same neighbours, next December and January so it was not a good bye but more of a see you soon!

Yesterday we did a lot of prep work before we headed out today. Hubby cleaned out the storage compartments of Maxx and put away all the outdoor equipment, because I couldn’t stand it any longer, I closed all the windows, turned on the air conditioning and cleaned Maxx from top to bottom! It really felt great to get rid of all the dust:-)  We also did the laundry which always includes a visit to the Cantina. Now I’m not a big fan of beer but somehow when you are doing laundry it tastes better, or maybe it’s because a pitcher is only $6.00 and it comes with all the popcorn you can eat for free! Anyway for the last two months this is how hubby and I have done laundry and after 6 laundry trips the bartender told hubby yesterday that we got his vote for the best laundry routine! I didn’t realize he was watching us but he told hubby, while I was out moving stuff into the dryer, that he thought that was a great way to do laundry:-)

While I was folding our last batch of laundry I talked to a couple from Saskatchewan who where closing up their fifth wheel until they return next winter. It made me realize that while we winterize at home, in Yuma they summerize!  At home we blow water out of the lines and add antifreeze to the drains so they don’t freeze and in Yuma they place jugs of water in the trailer to add humidity and add antifreeze to the drains so that they don’t dry out. It is quite a process to prepare your unit to leave it in extremely hot weather for six months. Many people leave their RV’s here for the summer and return to them in the fall. There are several reasons for doing this:

  1. They don’t use their unit in the summer so why bother dragging it back and forth:-)
  2. They are physically unable to tow it back and forth … which sometimes happens when you get older:-)
  3. Their unit is approaching the ten-year-old mark and this park only takes units that are younger than ten years old but I think you can bypass that if you buy a annual spot and leave your unit on it … and keep it in good shape.

We left Yuma around 7:30 a.m. and headed for Palm Springs where we will spend two nights. Along the way we entered carrot growing territory and began passing semi’s full of carrots and we also passed a few carrot loading stations.

We arrived at our RV Park just before noon and where very pleased when we pulled in. We are looking for somewhere to stay next February and March and we were hoping this would be the park, but once we got to our site we were disappointed. The sites are very close together and are sand with a small concrete pad. Since there is always wind blowing in this area, the dust from the sand would be more of a dust problem than we had in Yuma, and we would be forced to keep the windows shut and run the air-conditioning, which gets very expensive when you have to pay for power!

We do have a nice view from our kitchen window, a snow peaked mountain, which we haven’t seen in a long time!

And we had a nice visit from our Saturday morning cartoon friend the Roadrunner:-)

Until next time …

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