A Visit to the Wi-Fi Store

Hubby is a big user of the Internet and while we do have our own US Internet plan we are limited to 5gb a month, which is not enough for hubby.  Most RV Parks have free Wi-Fi so usually we have no problem but our Yuma park only has it in the library and it is very slow.  When we first arrived in Yuma we found a McDonald’s with very fast Internet so every few days we would have to go for a visit.  We have noticed that McDonald’s restaurants are always full of people on their computers so we are not the only ones doing this.  Generally we would both have a coffee but occasionally hubby will have lunch and I noticed this was pushing our eating out budget over the top, so after some discussion we decided that really this was a data communication cost.  Since it is now charged to data communication on my spreadsheet I decided that it should be listed as the Wi-Fi store rather than McDonalds:-)  I also think it sounds better to say we are going to the Wi-Fi store rather than to McDonalds … but don’t tell McDonalds I said that!  Although I would like to give the McDonalds on Avenue B a little plug, it is very clean and the staff is very pleasant and efficient!

After a few weeks at the park our RV neighbours, that live 30 miles north of our BC home, were very generous and gave us access to their Time Warner Internet.  This made hubby very happy and he was able to keep himself entertained while I went to the pool or read a book, but a few days ago our neighbours headed home so we are now back to making trips to the Wi-Fi store:-)

Do you think the grandkids will be excited when Grandma and Grandpa tell them we are taking them out to the Wi-Fi store for dinner:-)

Until next time …


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