Yuma is Downsizing

The population of Yuma doubles during the winter months as all the snowbirds flock to the area in search of warmer climate.  We have noticed this week that most snowbirds have started their migration north.  Our RV Park has many empty spaces, our happy hour neighbours have left and yesterday we had no problem parking right in front of the grocery store rather than driving around waiting for someone to pull out!  Store parking lots are displaying a majority of Arizona and Baja California license plates instead of BC and Alberta plates.  In reverse of what we see at home, stores hire extra staff during the winter months and lay off during the summer months.  Soon the outdoor markets will close for the season and residents of Yuma will hunker down in their homes with the air-conditioning up full blast, golf courses will be empty and traffic will be light … and summer in Yuma will begin:-)

Until next time …


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