In-N-Out Burger

On Sunday night we went to a very popular fast food restaurant, In-N-Out Burger.  In-N-Out Burger is a chain, which we have seen in Texas, Arizona, California, and Nevada.  Every time we drive by the one in Yuma the parking lot and drive through are full and there is a line of people out the door, so we thought it definitely deserved a visit.

We were surprised about the menu and how small it was.

But really what more do you need on a burger menu:-)  So we ordered our burgers and sat down.  Since the restaurant is so busy our table had just been vacated and was dirty but someone was quickly over to clean it … I was really impressed with how clean the restaurant was.  Hubby went to get ketchup and napkins and noticed they also have hot peppers, so of course we had to try them … and yup they were hot!  I have to admit I brought two peppers home and used them in our salsa yesterday and they really do add a kick, now I might have to visit In-N-Out Burger every time I make salsa.

While we were waiting for our meal we watched them make the fries, they are made fresh at the time you order and it was fun watching the machine peel the potatoes and cut them into fries.  All hamburgers are fresh, never frozen, and made from 100% beef with no fillers, which is why they are so thin … but they are very good!

We had a great meal, and look forward to another visit.

Until next time …


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