Arizona Market Place

A while ago I wrote about our trip to the Flea Market that everyone in the RV Park talks about and I said it was a huge disappointment.  Well yesterday we went to the Arizona Market Place and it was great!  This was the flea market that everyone was telling us about.  There were around a 1,000 stalls selling everything from RV supplies to salt lamps.  We spent several hours wandering through the stalls and made some interesting purchases, but I can’t tell you what we bought because most of them are gifts for the grandkids and I want to surprise them:-)  We had lunch in the stage area and listened to a great band while people danced in between the tables.

Sorry about the quality of the picture, all I had was my phone camera 🙂

Last night our daughter told us our six year old grandson is counting down the weeks until we arrive home … that just makes me want to pack up and go home now!  The great thing about having an I-Phone is that we can FaceTime with the grandkids, which is always entertaining and lets us keep in touch with them.

One of my purchases yesterday was a book I have been trying to find for some time, so now I am off to the pool to lay in the sun and do some reading … and I will also be wearing the new visor I purchased at the flea market to keep the sun out of my eyes:-)

Until next time …


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