Tonight we are attending our fifth potluck since we hit the road.  If you stay at an RV Park for any length of time you are bound to get invited to a potluck.  Tonight’s potluck is a wrap up BBQ for the people on our block.  We attended a White Elephant party for this block last month and it was fun so I’m sure tonight will also be fun.  The real challenge is what dish to bring, and keep in mind we are working with a smaller oven and refrigerator so that does limit the options.  In Yuma we are also working with very warm temperatures and since the BBQ is outside that let’s out anything that will go bad in the heat.  So far I have done a pasta salad, BBQ ribs in the crock-pot, oatmeal cookies (hubby’s favorite), and a crab and shrimp dip.  I decided tonight’s dish would be a cookie bar and right now it is cooking in the oven and smells yummy!

When we were on our cruise I bought a swim cover-up and they put it in a really nice straw bag which works perfectly for holding our dishes, napkins and cutlery, which we need to take to every potluck (I put them inside a plastic bag so I have something to bring the dirty dishes home in) … and then of course hubby carries the cooler with the drinks:-)

Yup it should be a fun night and a great way to start off spring … which is funny since we have been living in summer weather for the past two months:-)

Until next time …


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