The wind is a howling today, over 30 miles an hour!  I tried to get Maxx’s door open to go outside and fold up the chairs and it was a real struggle.  The wind is picking up the chairs and blowing them around and the huge trees are bent over … but it’s still warm out so I won’t complain.  Since we are in an area surrounded by farmland when the wind blows the dust also blows.  This means we have to keep the windows closed otherwise the inside of Maxx is covered in a thick layer of dust.  It also means we can’t sit outside without being sandblasted by dust so it was a good day to catch up on a few things.

Years ago, when we had a vegetable garden, I used to make my own salsa, and then one time we were camping and I ran out so I had to buy salsa.  I was lucky enough to find a good salsa that was very reasonable priced so I gave up making my own and started buying it.  Today hubby and I decided that we should start making our own salsa again.  The alternative is to stock up at home before we head south because so far we have been unable to find a good salsa down here.

Our homemade salsa turned out so good, and was so inexpensive to make, that we have now decided this will become a new past time for us:-)

Until next time …


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