Yuma Airshow

Yesterday hubby and I headed out to the Yuma Airshow at the Marine Corps Air Station.  It was a very hot day, 90F or 32C, but fortunately for the spectators there was a 25 mile an hour wind … not so good for the planes but it didn’t seem to stop them!

Hubby tells me the airshow is much smaller than the Abbotsford Airshow however it does have one major advantage, admission and parking is free:-)  We arrived at the base, were quickly directed to a parking spot, and then we hopped on a school bus which dropped us off at the front gate.  You can pay $16.00 for VIP parking which gets you closer to the front gate but you still have to take a shuttle and it is open air so in my mind free parking and a ride in an air conditioned bus was the better deal.  Once inside the gates there is lot’s to see so we set up our chairs by the fence and wandered around to look at the planes.

The first plane that caught my eye was the border patrol helicopter.  Since we have spent most of our winter very close to the Mexican border hubby and I have become very interested in border security and we found a National Geographic TV show called Border Wars that has been enlightening.  The good thing about the show is so far we have not seen an episode on Yuma, which makes us think it is pretty safe here … some other areas that we have travelled through look pretty scary!  But I’m off the topic of the airshow:-)

They use these helicopters a lot in the TV show but I was surprised at how small they are.

We also came across a Chinook helicopter, which our son has spent a lot of time in when he was in Afghanistan, so of course we had to go and sit in one to see what it felt like.  I told our son that I didn’t think it was very comfortable and I couldn’t imagine sitting in the helicopter while being shot at and then he reminded me that I would also have 100 pounds of kit on, but he did say that they really are not that uncomfortable.

Seating area in the Chinook Helicopter.

And then it was time to head back to our seats and watch the show.  First up, and what I thought was the most entertaining, was Otto the helicopter.  Otto did some pretty funny maneuvers but the best two were blowing a bubble and playing with a yoyo!

I won’t show you pictures of all the planes, cause sorry, some of them just didn’t interest me … but here are the ones hubby and I liked the best:-)

An L-30C – I loved the paint job on this plane!

MV-22B Osprey

An Interstate Cadet – This plane was sponsored by Jelly Belly and the pilot did some funny and what seemed like impossible tricks (like flying with his wing touching the ground)!

An RV-8 – This plane also had a nice paint job and looked great in the air.

An Extra 300 – Flown by a 61 year old women who started her solo aerobatic career at age 50!

One of the final demonstrations was a wing walker named Sam.  Sam is only 22 years old and has been wing walking since January 2014!  How do you even begin to train for this … and why would you do it?  The pilot’s regular wing walker had to stop doing it, on her doctor’s advice, because she is pregnant.

A Super Stearman with a wing walker.

And then there was the Red Bull Helicopter that actually flew upside down!  Who knew helicopters could fly upside down.

Red Bull Helicopter

The final plane was the one hubby had been waiting for.  The F-35B has supersonic speed, radar-evading stealth, extreme agility and short takeoff and vertical landing capability.  I have to admit it was amazing to see this huge plane lift straight up into the air!

An F-35B

Until next time …


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