Today we decided to make another trip down to Algodones, mainly because we heard they make great margaritas and today seem like a good day for a margarita:-)

Like the last time we went to Algodones we just walked right into Mexico … that still blows me away!  We wandered through some shops and picked up a few souvenirs and then went to one of the courtyards for lunch … and margaritas.  The drinks were only $3.00 USD each and they were big and had a kick, they do not chintz on the tequila.

When we walked through the shops before lunch I found a tablecloth I really liked but surprisingly nobody ran up to try and sell it to me, so I moved on.  While we were at lunch, vendors are constantly walking up and trying to sell you something, which we quickly brushed off with a “No Gracias” and they move on.  Then Antonio came along with some tablecloths and one of them was the fabric I wanted … so then begins the negotiations. Now I really hate bargaining and when I made my earlier purchases hubby told me I overpaid so I told him the next item was his to negotiated.  I had decided I wouldn’t pay more than $20.00 for my tablecloth but it was up to hubby to get it down to where he was happy, which of course scared me a little because he could care less if I got a new tablecloth!

Antonio shows me the tablecloth and tells me it is $45.00 but after looking at it I decide it is too big.  No problem for Antonio he will get me a smaller size in the same fabric … so off he goes.  About 15 minutes pass and Antonio comes back with a smaller tablecloth in the exact same material and he wants $35.00 for this one.  Hmm … I hum and haw … so far hubby hasn’t done any negotiating but that’s okay because I decide this tablecloth is too small.  Again no problem for Antonio he will run back and get me the bigger size, poor guy, I really hope he doesn’t have to run to far and now I’m feeling bad because he’s not making any sales while I have him running back and forth.  As I mention this to hubby he wisely points out that maybe Antonio should have brought the larger size back when he brought the smaller size, yes, I have to admit that might have been better time management:-)  Anyway we are now onto our second margarita and I’m feeling sorry for Antonio so I’m ready to pay $35 for the bigger tablecloth but I do remind hubby that this is his negotiation and he reminds me that he is not paying $35 for a tablecloth that he doesn’t need.  Oh oh I think, I’m really not going to get this tablecloth and Antonio will have done all this work for nothing:-(

Antonio arrives back with the larger tablecloth (and no he didn’t bring the smaller one as well … maybe hubby needs to give him some sales lessons, but I digress).  Yup I decide the larger one it the one I want so hubby finally steps into the negotiations and he offers $20.00.  Antonio gets a sad look on his face and says $35.00.  Hubby, who remember doesn’t really want this tablecloth, smiles and says no, $20.00 is all he will pay.  Again Antonio looks sad and says $30.00 … to save some time, they go back and forth and Antonio finally says $23.00 and before hubby can come back with his $20.00 offer, Antonio says he will throw in a Mexican suitcase if hubby will pay $23.00 (a Mexican suitcase is a plastic bag).  Now hubby is laughing hysterically and tells Antonio that for that good laugh he will pay $23.00 … and I came home with a really nice tablecloth!

Until next time …


One thought on “Algodones

  1. I recommend you never go to Asia, as Trevor reminds me of our rest stops where the small children would latch onto you, telling you how pretty you are, asking your name, where you are from, then asking if you want to buy some of the fruit they are holding and when you say no, all you get is “aaaah, you may me cry!” – and sometimes they actually do. Until you look the other way and they’re all smiles again for the next bus.


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