Another Month in Yuma☺

The weather and company has been so good in Yuma that we have decided to stay another month.  Life has settled into a nice pattern of routine chores, walks, afternoons at the pool, and happy hours with new friends.  There is really not much to write about so don’t be surprised if I don’t post that often for the next month.

For our snowbird RV friends who are interested, we paid last months electric bill yesterday and it came to $34.10.  The electric rate is $.16 per kw plus a monthly Arizona Power Services surcharge of $8.50.  The per kw rate is cheaper than we paid in Florida ($.18 per kw) but we didn’t pay the surcharge in Florida.  Overall it is still pretty cheap for the amenities that are available to us.  With power included a one months stay was $595.10 … and no snow to shovel, or lawns to mow, however one of the advantages to living on a golf course is that you still get to smell fresh cut grass!

We have also booked two months here for next year … so we will be back:-)

Until next time …


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