A Fun Time!

Our time in Vegas has come to an end but it is the first time we have left Vegas with more money than when we arrived!  There are several reasons for this … first hubby doesn’t let me shop so that was a big money saver:-)  Second, I was sick in bed the first day we arrived and my loving hubby stayed by my side so our expenses were pretty minimal that day 😦  Third, hubby won $500.00 about an hour after we arrived so that paid for our show tickets, meals and fuel to and from Vegas.  Fourth, any drinks we had were comped and the tips we left and our tickets for the Deuce were covered by his $30.00 win yesterday.  And then hubby, who gambles very little and never wins when he does, decided he should put $20.00 on the Canucks game … and they won, so he walked away with another $44.00!  And fifth, and the biggest money saver, my sister and brother-in-law provided us with one of their comped rooms at the MGM Grand on the 28th floor with a view of the strip, along with a $100.00 meal credit which was good at twelve different hotels on the strip!  So after all was said and done, we had a great time, came home with money and best of all I was able to catch up with my sister and I really have missed her:-)

Until next time …


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