The Other Side Of Vegas

When I thought about this blog I considered posting pictures of the Las Vegas strip and Freemont Street but I figure most people have been here or seen pictures so I decided to show you the sights you don’t normally see.  Hubby and I took the Deuce (the bus that runs down the strip) to Freemont Street this morning to visit with my sister and brother-in-law.  It was a nice day so we got off a few blocks early and walked the rest of the way.  Along the way we came across a building that was being demolished.

I thought it was interesting how they run foggers at the bottom of the building to keep the dust down and also the crane, which was cutting away the huge metal beams, has water spraying down to eliminate dust.  While it was interesting to watch we were quickly hustled along just in case some of the demolition landed out of the demolition zone.  My sister told me that this building is own by the D Hotel on Freemont Street and they have plans to build a walkway over from their existing hotel so that they can expand their space.

Have you ever wondered what you are walking over when you cross steel plates in sidewalks?  I always have and today the question was answered.  We passed a large truck delivering kegs of beer to the Four Queens Hotel and I noticed they were stacking the kegs into elevators that then go under the sidewalk to the basement of the hotel … who knew?

This elevator was actually the foreman’s office which he raised to the street to accept the order.

Notice the closed steel doors at the bottom of the picture? These open up as the elevator rises.

After breakfast we walked down to the south end of Freemont Street to the new Container Park, which is made up of 30 shipping containers and 41 multifunctional modular cubes.  The neat thing about the Container Park is that the park can be dismantled and the cubes can be used for other things, such as a construction office so they will never end up in a landfill.

These containers make up a children’s play area.

The containers are home to shops and restaurants.

Then it was time to do a little gambling … hubby and I received $20.00 each in free play at the Four Queens … it took me a couple of hours to loose mine but hubby walked away with $30.00 so it was a good deal!

On the way to the bus stop my sister gave us some history on the Freemont Hotel.

The Freemont Hotel

The Freemont Hotel opened on May 18, 1956 and was the tallest building in the state of  Nevada, it had 155 rooms and cost $6 million to build.  I later learned that today the tallest building in Nevada is the Palazzo Hotel on the strip, which displaced the Pentagon as the largest building, in terms of floor space, in the United States.  The Palazzo has 3,443 suites and cost $1.8 billion to build.  A big difference from 58 years ago!

And then all to quickly we were at the bus stop and it was time to say good-by to my sister, we had left my brother-in-law at the casino because he was on a winning streak:-)  It was a tearful good-by but we will be home in a few months.

Until next time …



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