Off to Las Vegas!

Now that the Olympics are over we had to find something else to do so a trip to Las Vegas seemed like a good idea.  Actually we have had this planned for over a week … my sister and brother-in-law arrived in Vegas last night and we are going to meet them for three nights.  I’m really looking forward to seeing my sister again, as well as sitting in a bathtub!  I love living in Maxx but I have missed the pleasure of a long hot bath, so when hubby asked what we were going to do in Vegas I told him it didn’t matter to me what he did but I might spend my three days in the bathtub:-)

So while Maxx suns himself at the RV Park in Yuma we got an early start and hit the road.  Since Yuma is right on the California border we quickly left Arizona and gained an hour as we headed in to California.  We spent the next four hours driving through miles and miles of desert where all we could see was sand, scrub, and lots of two-lane road.

Along the way we did headed into some mountains and the road started looking like waves on the ocean.

And then we saw a sign that said “Dips Next 15 Miles” and the road became huge waves and we felt like we were riding a roller coaster!

This picture doesn’t do the road justice but I had to put the camera down cause I was starting to get pretty nauseous!

After stopping for breakfast in Blythe, California we headed up US 95, which again provided us with spectacular views of desert and rolling roller coaster highways.

After a short drive on I-40 we turned onto part of the Old Route 66.

 If you are a fan of the Cars movies, like hubby and our grandchildren are, you will be disappointed to hear that we could not find Radiator Springs:-)

After a six hour drive we arrived in Las Vegas were we will spend three nights on the strip, visiting with my sister and hopefully seeing some shows.

Note: I suddenly woke up with a start last night and realized I spelt medal wrong in my Olympic blogs … oops … I have corrected those blogs:-)

Until next time …


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