Solar Energy

We have noticed through out our travels in the southern states that most schools and many homes and businesses use solar panels to help cut down on the cost of electricity.

Elementary School


Another advantage to the solar panels at businesses is the shade it provides for parking … and during a Yuma summer, with average temperature highs of 107F, 41C, they really need it!

Wal-Mart parking with shade:-)

We found this vehicle interesting … who knew this was a responsibility of the Police Department?

Yuma Animal Control

Until next time …


One thought on “Solar Energy

  1. It does say Animal Control – maybe they use it as a paddy wagon.
    Weather report – it is a gorgeous sunny day today, and for the first time this month, the temperature is above freezing. Can spring be far behind??
    Federal budget day – may impact public servants (Boo).Aren’t you glad you’re retired? Yea.
    Olympics – Canadians on the podium – yea!


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