I’m in Produce Heaven☺

And hubby says he’s in produce hell 🙂

Today we started off with a visit to the Farmers Market, which according to the web site, sounded like a large market with lots of produce.  I love my veggies but so far I have found them to be very expensive in the States so I hoped the Farmers Market would be a cheaper alternative and the veggies would be fresher than the store.

Farmers Market at Yuma Quartermaster Park

Our BC neighbours told us about Food City, a Mexican supermarket, which has an excellent produce section with good prices … and yes they where right!  So after our lack of success at the farmers market we headed off to Food City where we really scored!  The produce section was awesome with tons of selection … these pictures are a little fuzzy and don’t do it justice but I was trying to take them with my cell phone and not get noticed cause most stores frown on picture taking.

A whole selection of different kinds of hot peppers 🙂

Here is today’s score of veggies (they are very fresh and I’m pretty sure most of them are from local fields) … and all for a low total of $10.82, a far cry from the $2.00 per red pepper that the other stores wanted:-)

Yummy 🙂

And now it’s off to the pool.

Until next time …


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