Interesting Yuma Stuff

Yuma is on the Colorado River in the southwest corner of Arizona surrounded on two sides by the California border and on a third side by Mexico.  During the winter months the population nearly doubles as snowbirds arrive in search of sun … and that is why we are here:-)

Yuma holds the Guinness World Record as the sunniest city on earth with an average of 350 days of sun.  It is also the driest, least humid and the city with the least frequent days of precipitation in the United States.  The average annual rainfall is around three inches a year, and humidity is generally low except during the summer monsoon season of July and August.

Since we have to pay for electricity and want to use our air conditioning as little as possible, it is nice that the nights are cool during the winter but the days are warm and we are expecting temperatures in the low to mid 30C, 86F to 91F next week.

It is surprising, considering how little rain Yuma gets and how dry it is, that agriculture is Yuma’s number one industry and Yuma is the winter vegetable capital of the world.  As we leave the RV Park to go anywhere we drive through farmland that is rich in crops … but that will be the topic of a future blog:-)

Until next time …


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