Fun For Hubby☺

One of the reasons for choosing this park was that it had a wood working shop.  Hubby has some projects he wants to do on Maxx and of course he doesn’t have all his wood working tools with him.  This of course meant a trip to Home Depot was in order:-)  While hubby perused through the wood section I had fun walking through the garden centre.  I really wanted to buy all kinds of plants and start planting, especially because it’s only February and at home our gardens are covered in snow, but we will only be here for a month so I resisted that urge.

The garden centre open … it must be spring, wait it’s only the beginning of February!

This afternoon we went over to our BC neighbours for drinks.  It was great to catch up with people from home and we had the opportunity to talk about the best time to head home, routes to take, and other things we never even thought of.  They provided us with a wealth of information on places to see and things to do … along with a taste of, a new to us, Mexican beer:-)

Until next time …


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