Oh No, Check Engine Light!

Shortly after we started driving to Yuma on Monday a check engine light came on in the truck.  Oh no, hubby says, this is going to be expensive, but I reminded him that the truck was only two years old and we also had additional warranty coverage so I’m sure it won’t cost a dime.  Yup, I really said that, but in the back of my mind I was thinking, oh sure somehow this check engine light won’t be covered by warranty.  Just before we reached Yuma we had to tow up an Arizona mountain (high, but not to be confused with BC mountains) and poor hubby was so embarrassed because even semi trucks were passing us, we just didn’t have the power we use to have:-(  So yesterday we took the truck into the local Dodge dealer and three hours later we left with the truck fixed and not a dime out of our pocket, wow life is good right now!

We ran across one BC license plate when we were in Florida but until we arrived in Yuma we had not spoken to anyone from BC since we left home.  So we were surprised to find out the people in the site beside us are from a town 50K, 30M north of our home town, boy it’s a small world!  They did have some interesting information … while we can be out of BC for seven months and not have it affect our medical, if we are in the US longer than six months the US may consider us US citizens and want to collect taxes from us:-(   BC Neighbours have invited us for drinks tomorrow afternoon and will fill us in on this and other things we need to know as we embark on this new Snowbird life.

Today we took the truck in for an oil change and then hubby spent the rest of the day cleaning the cross-country grime off the truck and Maxx.

Until next time …


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