Our New Home

After a beautiful drive through Arizona yesterday we arrived at our new home in Yuma, Arizona:-)

We found an RV Park that is on a golf course which we thought would be nice even though we are not golfers … and no we don’t intend to take up the sport:-)  The park is okay, not nearly as nice as our park in Florida, but the price is $200.00 a month cheaper and we think there will be lots to do here.  The best part about the park is that there is a separate section for RVers with animals … don’t get me wrong, I love animals and miss my dog a lot, but I do enjoy sitting outside and not listening to barking dogs left in the neighbouring RV while their owners are out enjoying their day.

Two sides of this park are bordering California and we are very close to the Mexican border as well.  The scenery here is very pretty and the park is surrounded by farmland so it is very peaceful.

Despite all the farmland vegetables are still very expensive here (and seem to be in most areas of the States). Yesterday we visited our first Albertson’s Supermarket and cucumbers where $2.00 each and small red peppers were also $2.00 each!  Today we are going to try and find a farmers market, which will hopefully be cheaper.

We have finally hit warm weather, in the low 80F, high 20C, and no rain on the forecast so I think we will be very happy here!

Until next time …


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