Hello Arizona☺

Probably the most photographed rock!

We tried to stay at the City of Rocks State Park in New Mexico last night but there was no room, at least we were able to see this very interesting geological wonder.  The area is the result of a volcanic eruption 1,000 times greater than Mt. St. Helens and mother nature has gradually created this city of rocks.  This was one of the more interesting rocks and the rest of my pictures don’t do the park justice … you really have to see it for yourself.

Since we couldn’t stay at the park we decided to drive on into Arizona, which made yesterday a three state day.  We spent the night in Willcox at a Passport America Park that was suppose to be $14.00 per night for full hook-up, but in addition to the $14.00 we were also charged $4.00 for utilities … what a scam!

As we drove through Tucson today we saw the commercial airplane boneyard.

Pinal Air park, Tucson Arizona

Planes are stored at Pinal Air park with the hope that the dry desert air will mitigate corrosion in case the plane is put back into service, however according to Wikipedia many of the planes end up being scrapped.  This is the largest commercial storage and maintenance facility in the world, and yes they also give tours … hubby says we will definitely be back to Tucson to tour this and the military airplane boneyards.

Today we are heading into Yuma where we plan to stay for the next month:-)  It was an intense five day drive to get here but it was worth it!

Until next time …


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