Good Bye Florida

It has been fun but we sure have had some strange weather, one day we are at the beach, the next day it’s really cold, then your back at the beach, and then you hit northern Florida and it’s snowing!  We almost decided to stay another day in Holt, Florida because the temperature was right at freezing, it was raining, and the fog was heavy but after checking out the weather in areas further west we decided to go for it and it turned out to be the right move.  The start of our drive was very foggy …

Notice how I snuck in a bridge picture 🙂

but the temperature quickly rose to the low 50’sF, 10C and the fog lifted to reveal clear sunny skies.

As we were driving along today I remembered a funny story from Lake Okeechobee, we were sitting around the Tiki Hut talking about the weather one day, when I mentioned that I had looked at my weather app and it was supposed to get down to 1 degree the next day.  While I thought that was a little cold I was very surprised by the shocked expression on all the faces around me … and then it dawned on me, my weather app is in Celsius … way to scare a bunch of American’s:-)

We drove through Alabama and Mississippi,

Mississippi Rest Stop … blue sky and 65F, 18C 🙂

and then into Louisiana where we started to see bayous again.



I think this is the main reason the interstate was closed on Wednesday and most of yesterday throughout the Florida Panhandle, Alabama, and parts of Louisiana.  We saw a few vehicles that had rolled and they were all just after crossing a bridge.





This was an interesting sight in Baton Rouge … I didn’t think this was legal!

One vehicle towing two more!

We crossed the Mississippi River in Baton Rouge, not in Mississippi where I was expecting to cross it:-)

I can’t resist throwing in one little bridge tidbit:-)  The open deck bridge on I-10 in Lake Charles, LA rises from 3 feet up to 141 feet and then a quick back down to 3 feet … it really creeps hubby out (okay me too)!

While the scenery is pretty in Louisiana the interstate is rough, it’s like driving over washboard, so we were happy to pass into Texas.

The Lone Star greeted us we entered Texas



We really want to spend more time exploring these southern states but unfortunately we have battled weather on our way out and again on our way back west.  Our plan was to spend some time along the Gulf of Mexico in Alabama and Texas but the weather forecast is for cold and rain so I guess we will leave the Gulf for another year.  Now we will make a fast trip through the weather to the west coast where it is much warmer:-)



Until next time …

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