I Don’t Think Florida Wants Us to Leave!

It did occur to me this morning that it is kind of fun to lie on the beach one day and then snuggle under the duvet beside the fireplace the next day, especially because you know that in the not to distance future you will be back on the beach:-)

The RV Park we stayed at last night is right along I-10 and we were worried it would be noisy from the highway traffic but once the freezing rain started we just wanted to get off the road in a hurry and this park was handy.  When we woke up this morning I mentioned to hubby that I had a great sleep and didn’t hear any traffic noises … well there was a reason for that … I-10 was closed in both directions due to ice, and had been since shortly after we pulled over last night!  It is a foreign concept to us to see interstates, schools, and airports closed when the temperature is just below freezing and there is no snow, but then you consider that vehicles around here do not have snow tires and are not used to driving in these conditions and it does make sense.

No access to Interstate 10 😦

At 1300 hours the interstate reopened and 1330 hours we headed out, the roads were dry, the sun was out and it had warmed up to 50F, 10C.  We got 31 miles before the interstate was closed down again.  We spent an hour stuck in traffic before we managed to creep our way into a Rest Stop where we got the last RV/Truck space.  One thing that surprised us is how difficult it was to get information on why I-10 was closed.  We tried local radio stations, television stations, searching the web for “I-10 closure Florida Panhandle” with no results and everyone at the Rest Stop was saying the same thing.  Even pulling up the Florida 511 website which lists traffic incidents provided little information and long after the interstate reopened the website still listed it as closed.  Finally a half hour after pulling into the Rest Stop traffic started moving again and then all was good … for another 80 miles when traffic came to a halt and this time there was no Rest Stop in site:-(  After another 40 minute stop traffic started moving again, no idea what was up this time either but according to Florida 511 there was no closure!  We travelled for about 50 miles before traffic finally flowed on the other side of the interstate.

Weird to see no traffic coming towards us!

After six hours of stop and go driving and only 175 miles we finally gave up and pulled in to a nice Passport America Park for $12.50 a night in Holt Florida  … hopefully Florida will let us leave tomorrow:-)

Until next time …

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