On The Road Again

It was sad leaving the Water’s Edge RV Park in Okeechobee, Florida this morning.  We had a lot of fun the past month and made some new friends.  We really wanted to stay for another month but we would have had to move somewhere else for three days so we decided to start heading west.  Our plan was to drive to Tallahassee, Florida today but a check of the weather showed that might not be a good idea!

Yesterday Okeechobee broke a record with a high of 81F, 27C and now we are heading to snow:-(  We left this morning in shorts and T-Shirts because I didn’t think to check the weather until we were on the road but we quickly changed into warmer clothes when we stopped for lunch!

About thirty miles east of Tallahassee we hit freezing rain so it was time to stop for the night.  We found an RV Park just off I-10, got set up, turned the furnace on to warm Maxx up and headed out to get fuel and dinner.  We decided to drive into Thomasville, Georgia, which was 30 miles north.  We had a really nice dinner but while we were waiting for our food I decided to check what the weather was at home … bad move … at home it was 32F or 0C and in Thomasville is was 30F or -1C.  So the ironic part of this story is we have spent around $2,600 to head for warmer weather and today it was warmer at home!

Until next time …

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