Beach Day & Wishful Thinking☺

The day started off with a nice drive down County Road 714 …

CR714 into Stuart Florida

I always find driving down this road relaxes me, so by the time we hit the beach I was pretty mellow and we were both looking forward to relaxing in the sun and sand:-)

This is the first time we have been to this beach and the entrance was really pretty.

Entrance to Stuart Beach through the mangroves

View of beach at end of pathway 🙂

Once we were settled on the beach “mean” hubby called his sister to wish her happy birthday … and yes he had to mention he was sitting at the beach on the Atlantic Ocean:-)

All too quickly it was time to head back to Maxx, but we had to make a quick stop at the store.  Remember how I mentioned a few days ago that I had found my perfect coach but it was $500,000?  Well actually hubby reminded me it was really $585,000.  Anyway in the parking lot of the store I found the perfect “toad” (for those of you who do not know RV lingo, that is what you call the car towed behind your coach/motorhome).

My new McLaren … it’s only going to set me back $350,000 USD!

And of course if I’m zipping along in my new toad, it’s a good thing we came across this road sign!

This is the first time we have seen these signs.

But then we arrived home and I had to stop daydreaming:-)

Until next time …


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