Lake Okeechobee

Today we took a 5-mile walk along the levy surrounding Lake Okeechobee.  The weather was perfect; 70F (20C) with a slight breeze, which made it perfect walking weather.  This was my first walk of any distance since breaking my foot and before that happen I was walking 12K (7.5 miles) per day so it felt great to finally be able to walk some distance without pain 🙂

When the levy around the lake was constructed from dirt that was excavated along the perimeter, which resulted in a deep channel surrounding the lake, this channel is called the Rim Canal.  We had to drive 2-miles from the RV park in order to cross the Rim Canal and access the levy.  Our walk started at one of the locks that provides access for boats from the Lake to the Rim Canal and we were lucky enough to see a boat go through the lock.

Boat entering the lock

And leaving the lock

When we looked at the levy from our spot in the RV park we thought the lake was just on the other side but once we got up on the levy we were surprised to see it is still some distance to water.  This is partially due to the water level being low this time of year and also the lake is surrounded by a lot of marshland.

Lake Okeechobee

Rim Canal on the right, lake on the left

It was fun to see the RV park from up on the levy and I was able to get some pictures of the park and of Maxx tucked in his spot:-)

Our RV Park for the past month 🙂

The Tiki Hut, home of happy hour 🙂

Maxx tucked in his spot 🙂

After a visit with this cute little caterpillar it was time to head back to the Tiki Hut for happy hour:-)

Pretty Caterpillar 🙂

Until next time …

1 thought on “Lake Okeechobee

  1. the RV park looks lovely, I was wondering if it was a lot of concrete in some of those rv parks but that one looks really nice and the palm tress are wonderful


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