A New RV In Our Future?

I wasn’t able to get close enough to get a picture of the flames, but trust me they were big!

Today we headed off to Fort Myers to attend an RV Show.  We have no plans to buy a new RV but we like to see what is out there.  We did find a $500,000 coach that we really liked but since that’s not in our financial plan we were happy to see that there were no fifth wheels that beat what we already have:-)

On the way to Fort Myers we passed several burning sugar cane fields.  Sugar cane fields are burned immediately before harvesting, and I read that a 40-acre field burns in 15 to 20 minutes!  After the fields are burned mechanical harvesters deposit the cut cane into field wagons.  Hopefully we will see this happening during our travels in the next few days.

 We also passed a young sugar cane field that we think was planted around October and from what I have read it takes twelve months until it’s ready for harvest.

Baby Sugar Cane

At the RV Show we had the opportunity to try funnel cake, which I have heard a lot about but have never seen.  Funnel cakes are made by pouring batter into hot cooking oil in a circular pattern and deep-frying the overlapping mass until it turns golden-brown, they are then served with powdered sugar, sugar with cinnamon, fresh fruit, or other toppings.  We had ours with cinnamon sugar and while it was good, I’m glad we shared it … it was very sweet and even half of one was a little much.

Funnel Cake

Since we were in Fort Myers we took the opportunity to check out a few RV Parks.  We drove through four different parks and they were all crowded and not somewhere we wanted to stay, but the drive through the streets of Fort Myers was very pretty.

Palm Tree Lined Streets 🙂

I will leave you with one final thought … I wonder how many “Dr. Martin Luther King Jr” street signs there are in the United States?  So far there has been one in every town we have driven through:-)

Until next time …


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