Goodbye Poinsettia … Or Maybe Not

Have you thrown away your Christmas poinsettia yet?  Normally by now I have thrown all of mine out and I did consider throwing this years plant out before we left on our cruise, but it still had red leaves and was healthy so hubby planted it in the garden outside the trailer where it would get water while we were gone.  Now this is a totally foreign concept to us as you could never plant a poinsettia outside at home and expect it to survive, in fact to even get it home from the store before Christmas we would have to cover it up and take it directly home.  I am happy to say my poinsettia is thriving in the outdoors and I can’t wait to see how long the red leaves last … I will keep you posted:-)

As I was sitting at the table writing this blog at least twenty Ibis, all in a nice orderly line, strolled through the space beside us.  I manage to get a few pictures and then something startled them and they flew off … do you remember the movie The Birds?  Well they looked like a scene from the movie!

Ibis Swarm


Boy that movie frighten me when I was little, I was afraid to walk under trees on the way to school because I thought the birds would swoop out and start pecking me.  When our children were in their early teens I thought they could handle watching this scary movie so I rented it for them … yup it wasn’t scary at all and the special effects were so lame compared to the movies they were watching at the time:-)

Until next time …


One thought on “Goodbye Poinsettia … Or Maybe Not

  1. awesome its hard to believe that you could plaint a poinsettia and have it thrive like that. The ibis are beautiful was your cruise a good one


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