Awesome Cruise☺

We had a very enjoyable seven night cruise to the Western Caribbean on board the Celebrity Silhouette.  I won’t bore you with all the highlights but I will pass on a few:

  •  On day one we left Maxx at our RV Park.  With all our friends from happy hour watching over Maxx for the week we were not too worried about him misbehaving:-)  We arrived at the port in Fort Lauderdale at 1120 hours and pulled into the Park & Go lot where we were asked if we had made a reservation … gosh we never even thought of that … but fortunately we were early enough that there was still room (if we do this again we will definitely make a reservation).  After giving us our parking slip and a AAA/BCAA discount we were directed to pull under the canopy where they quickly unloaded our luggage, put it on a bus, took the keys for the truck and told us to have a great trip … valet parking for $10.25 a day, what a great deal!  After a short bus drive we were dropped off at the terminal and proceeded to check-in.  By 1215 hours, less than one hour after arriving at the port, we were sitting at the Sunset Bar enjoying a beverage … I can’t believe how fast the entire process was.

View from the Sunset Bar.

  • On day four we went swimming with the stingrays in Grand Cayman, if you have never done it I highly recommend it.  This was my second time and it was just as much fun as the first time.  We ended up being deluged with rain while we where out on the sandbar, but the water was warm, the sand was soft and white, and the stingrays where friendly:-)  A few interesting facts about Grand Cayman … their dollar is worth $1.20 USD and diesel is $5.76 for an imperial gallon which, with the exchange and difference in imperial versus US gallon, works out to the same price, $5.76 per US gallon but in Canada, with the exchange rate, it works out to  $1.64 per Canadian litre.  I really hope I got the math right but remember I’m on holidays … so if I got it wrong don’t tell me, just go with it!

The storm is rolling in!

Friendly stingray 🙂

Hubby with all his friends 🙂

  • Day six we spent in Labadee, Haiti and it was wonderful.  The sun was shining, the temperature was 95F or 35C, the sand was white and soft and the water was once again a perfect temperature!  Labadee is Royal Caribbean and Celebrity’s private beach and it is a great port.  We spent the day in the Caribbean Sea, had a great lunch, and bought some souvenirs from the locals, I could have easily spent more than one day in this oasis.

Labadee, Haiti

Our beach 🙂 There are many to choose from but I think Nellie’s Beach is the best. Our beach 🙂 There are many to choose from but I think Nellie’s Beach is the best.

Shopping 🙂

  • Our last day at sea was spent watching an awesome Canadian Hypnotist, Ryan  Joyce, and attending the captains presentation about the Secrets of Navigation.  We were lucky to have a very funny captain on our ship; Captain Dimitrios Kaferzis … if you are ever fortunate enough to be on one of his cruises you are in for a treat!  During our lifeboat drill he was very serious about his explanation on how the chain of command worked in an emergency.  If something happened to him, then the next in command was in charge, and if something happen to that officer, then the third in command was in charge and if something happen to that officer then you were obviously having a very bad day:-)  That set the tone for the rest of the cruise!  The Canadian Hypnotist, Ryan Joyce, was very good and I would definitely recommend his show if you ever have the chance … among other funny events he had three men walking through the audience thinking they were Chippendale dancers … I think you can imagine the rest!

So now we have arrived back at the RV Park and Maxx survived his time alone and we really did miss him.  The weather is great and we are looking forward to some great beach days before we head west again.

Until next time …


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